How to get the most value from us.

To help set you up for a fast response from us and the best possible outcome and process I thought I'd share some of how we look at incoming project requests. We're often quite busy so we hope you find this valuable to better understand how we select the projects to take on. If it's deeply meaningful for us and interesting things are being traded as part of the deal, those are factored in. Here's how we generally work.

We can only accept a few new clients per year. Not always do we accept projects from the highest bidder, we’ve turned down $10k projects as well as pro-bono work for non-profits. The kind of relationship we’re looking for is one where we’re treated as a partner rather than vendor. This means we care about you investing well and yielding strong returns. If it looks like you’re taking a dangerous risk, we’ll tell you. If it looks like your idea is a waste of money, we can suggest alternate approaches, or turn the project down.

This also means though that if you’re asking us to create assets for you that are intended to fuel tens of millions of dollars in sales—we’d be looking for a reasonable share of that. So like if you have revenues of billions of dollars and we're it increasing by 1 point, 1% growth on 2 Billion is $20 million. Please don't say that $1,000 is all you can afford. For 10% of that upside, many options become available to lower your risks and increase your growth potential long term. Even if you're smaller, these principles still apply.

Some days we get several requests for new projects. The ones we tend to prioritize tend to give us complete information about the project; usage, timing, business case, budget for exploration and so on. Usually there’s a very good designer attached to the project. Everyone we know of who is doing world-class work, we either have on our contact list already, or are one or two connections removed from. So it helps us make room for you in our schedule if you're as open as you can be. We're fine signing an NDA too.

But what if commissioning artwork is something new for you or you don’t have a designer? That’s ok. We can still work together in some cases. We would best start with a paid road-mapping session to learn about your business, how it works. I’d complete some work sessions with you to build, audit and strengthen your strategic foundation as required. For us it’s important to understand the underlying emotional, social and functional forces driving your project and audience. By taking those steps we help drastically reduce your risk while improving assurance your marketing tools are truly focused and effective. We hate wasting money on bad marketing too.

We do care about your net return on assets invested (RONA). Beauty and intelligence in everything you do is good storytelling. Quality products should be framed in a quality presentation. A great product presented in a slipshod manner is unlikely to be noticed. The hidden cost of cheap is often friction you don't realize hinders your success. So it helps to work together, having eyes on the problem paying attention to the right things and sharpening each other onwards.