"Ben Weeks has Many Loves" was a 2-year project. I researched creative leaders around the world, created an icon for each of them to represent their work, found their contact information, hand-customized 1200 posters for each recipient and mailed them out.  It was great to hear back from GQ, Hillstone New York Times Magazine, Rodrigo Corral and Apple. The project won lots of blog coverage and awards from D&AD and Communication Arts (No. 392 May/June 2013 pg.71) Over 4 years, my compounding annual rate of return on the project turned out to be 32.09% which was a 3X return on my investment.  Credits: Made in collaboration with  Underline Studio  where Claire Dawson & Fidel Peña art directed, Emily Tu designed and created the custom typeface. Cover Photo:  Underconsideration.com  Interior Photos:  MadeByTung.  Data Processing Assistant: Kate Noyes. Printed on Neenah Classic Crest at Andora Graphics. 
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